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JULY 1 – JULY 7, 2024

Future Vision

Vision and Master Plan

Priefert Complex Designs

Prescott Frontier Days and the 1888 Buckle Club partnered with Priefert Complex Designs to develop a Vision and Master Plan that will make Prescott Frontier Days the preferred fairgrounds and rodeo for future events and rodeos.

Economic Impact of the Prescott Rodeo

March 2023

This updated analysis includes the latest master plan information and refined construction assumptions; as well as a higher projection for the number of participants and attendees expected as a result of the modified expansion.

Economic Impact of the Prescott Rodeo Grounds

March 2022

This report identifies the economic and fiscal impacts of the Prescott Rodeo Grounds on the local communities in the region. The analysis estimates the annual economic and tourism activity generated by the Prescott Rodeo’s year-round events and the impact of the planned expansion of the rodeo.


This document seeks to develop a distinctive community identity for the Gail Gardner Neighborhood through common neighborhood themes. A series of goals and objectives for protecting and enhancingthe character of the Gail Gardner Neighbor hood are presented in relation to areas of significant interest. This planning process is intended to complement the General Plan’s policies for neighborhood development.